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Low Band Landfill Tax Declaration
The Low Band Landfill Tax Declaration form must be completed for wastes where low band landfill tax can be applied. The description and content of the waste must fall under the Qualifying Order of Section 4.2 of the HMRC Excise Notice LFT1: A General Guide to Landfill Tax.

Qualifying List of Materials for Low Band Landfill Tax, please select by ticking the relevant materials from below

GROUP 1 - Naturally Occurring - Comprising:

GROUP 2 - Ceramic or Concrete Materials, Comprising:

Group 2 does not include: 1. Glass fibre and glass-reinforced plastic. 2. Concrete plant washings.

GROUP 3 - Minerals processed or prepared, comprises only:

Group 3 does not include: 1. Moulding sand containing organic binders. 2. Man-made mineral fibres made from glass-reinforced plastic and asbestos.

GROUP 4 - Furnace slags, comprises only:

GROUP 5 - Ash, comprises only:

GROUP 6 - Low activity inorganic compounds, comprises only:

GROUP 7 - Calcium Sulphate, disposed of in landfills for non-hazardous wastes in a cell where no biodegradable waste is accepted - includes:



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