EES Waste

Land Recovery & Recycling

Future Developments

EES are commencing the construction of a mountain bike skills centre and nature walk by using and recovering suitable waste types and materials. This development project is to create a beneficial after use of the former clay pit and associated brickworks at Escrick.

It is also the intention of EES to implement other future project developments in relation to a soils washing and treatment aspect of the workings to create high quality recycled aggregates to aid in the land recovery format and also to be re-sold in to the construction sector as a greener alternative to virgin quarried aggregates. The soils washing process will be designed to help unlock a larger percentage of the incoming excavation wastes and also help create a clean recycled aggregate. Furthermore this project will help divert waste materials from going to landfill which overall EES see as an environmental benefit and also to help the company achieve and maximise waste minimisation and resource productivity.